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Mind Figures

Mind Figures is a multiplatform VR installation where generated characters bring the digital world back to life. You can generate a character based on your personality and release it into a constantly updating virtual world.


We live in a time where our digital identities are almost as important as our physical ones. Social networks and online videogames give us the control to share whatever side of us we want to show the world. However Mind Figures takes away this control by turning someone's digital identity into an independent character.


By answering a set of personality questions, a 'Mind Figure' will be created. Next you’ll be able to meet your mind figment in VR and set it free in the virtual world where every character is stored. Together the Mind Figments fill and shape their world like we did with ours.

Project made with: Quintus Glerum, Tijmen Meijer & Mauritz Seerden.


- Dutch Design Week (2017), Eindhoven

- Playgrounds The Art Departement (2017), Eindhoven

- Playgrounds Sessions #3 (2017), Breda

- Silent Buildings (2017), Den Bosch



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