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Iris van der Meule is a digital artist based in the Netherlands. With a background in animation she started developing interac- tive virtual reality (VR) experiences. As VR is a new storytelling medium, Iris is eager to research how we can use this medium creatively. With her fascination for socially relevant topics Iris creates poetic VR experiences that evoke emotion and raise awareness for the topics she addresses. Iris is a true VR pioneer when it comes to using VR as an art form and sees the potential of the medium for creatives like her to bring storytelling and art to a new level.


Talks & Presentations:

TedxAvansUniversity 2019, Talk about VR from a creators perspective, Breda

Game-On Congress 2019, Invited talk about VR storytelling, Breda

Scifi-It 2020, Invited talk about VR storytelling combined with art, Ghent

‘Inktzwart’ (VR experience):

Interactieve Expo NFF 2020, Utrecht

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2020, Tel Aviv

Gässli Film Festival 2020, Basel

Playgrounds The Art Department 2019, Eindhoven 

Dutch Design Week 2019, Eindhoven


Kaboom Festival 2019, Amsterdam

WWTS (graduation show Masters Institute) 2019, Den Bosch

Virtual Delights (VR Experience):


Gogbot 2018, Enschede

Nederlands Film Festival 2018, Utrecht

Dutch Design Week 2018, Eindhoven

Den Bosch Dataweek 2018, Den Bosch

DIPFEST (Melkweg) 2018, Amsterdam

Cultuurnacht 2019, Breda

Night of The Nerds 2018, Eindhoven

Clickbait (graduation show AKV st. Joost) 2018, Breda


Mind Figures (VR Experience)

Dutch Design Week 2017, Eindhoven

Playgrounds The Art Departement 2017, Eindhoven

Playgrounds Sessions #3 2017, Breda

Silent Buildings 2017, Den Bosch

Alice (VR Experience)

Dutch Design Week 2017, Eindhoven

Night Of The Nerds 2017, Eindhoven

Minor Arts & Interaction @ V2 & WORM 2017, Rotterdam


Inktzwart Nominated for Gouden Kalf Best Interactive 2020 Selection

Inktzwart Nominated for The International Digital Media Competition, Tel Aviv Student Film Festival 2020

Inktzwart Nominated for Innovative Storytelling Award , Gässli Film Festival 2020

Playgrounds Next Talent Award 2020

Virtual Delights Nominated for AKV St. Joost Penning, 2018

 Virtual Delights Nominated for NFF Studentencompetitie, 2018

Virtual Delights Nominated for Gogbot Youngblood Award, 2018


Master Animation at AKV St. Joost (2019), Den Bosch

WITH HONORS, Bachelor Arts & Design (Animation) at AKV St. Joost (2014-2018), Breda

Minor Arts & Interaction at AKV St. Joost (2017), Breda

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