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Gay Simulator 

Currently in Development

‘Gay Simulator’ is an interactive VR experience & video game that introduces you in a poetic way to the world of a lesbian. It is an artistic ode to sexual orientation, love and sexuality with a serious undertone. It portrays the modern forms of discrimination against lesbians. 


It is a playful and humorous experience with a serious message. It holds up a mirror to society to confront them with the ‘invisible’ ways of discrimination and blind spots in our culture. ‘Gay Simulator’ is also about the discovery of your sexuality, self acceptance and being embraced by the love of the queer community. It celebrates diversity and inclusivity. 


The purpose of ‘Gay Simulator’ is to let the player experience in a playful way what it’s like to be a lesbian and to create awareness for the verbal and physical forms of violence that lesbians encounter. By presenting ‘Gay Simulator’ as a VR simulation game a broader audience can be reached. ‘Gay Simulator’ will become a physical art installation that travels to different festivals and exhibition, as well as an online art game that everyone experience with a VR headset at home.

This project is supported by the Dutch Film Fund and Next Talent Program (an initiative from Playgrounds).


The Next Talent Program is created by Playgrounds together with BROET, Natlab, Submarine Channel, The Panics, Herrie Film & TV, BredaPhoto, St. Joost School of Art and Design, Kaboom animatie festival, Provincie Noord-Brabant, FilmFonds, Kunstloc en Netflix.

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